Acrylic Nail Art 
Know Basic Nail Art Tools Be Creative and Make Your Nail Attractive

Beauty is very mysterious for women and some of them are imperfect in an art of making their personality eye catching. But it is the dream of every woman to achieve such an art of perfection. As far nail designing is concerned some women use only nail polish but others also use artificial nails to make them longer. And of course Acrylic Nail Art is also another option for every female!
What sophistication that women can never forget is nail decoration. It helps then to bring magnetic impression. These days you can get various nail products available in the market for you to choose from. Mere finding the best nail product is not enough for you but you also need to know some basic nail art tools that help you to this process yourself in a hassle free manner.
Basic Nail Art Tools
  • First of all you should know the features of nail polish on the basis of coat. It consists of two types: a base & top coat. A base coat nail polish prevents nail discoloration and also allows it to glide on smoothly. A top coat nail polish ensures your manicure and it lasts for a long time. There are different brands are available but you must invest money for your best quality items. Don%u2019t compare the quality with the price because it lasts long, don%u2019t get lumpy and dry faster.
  • Nail dotters are also one of the most important tools the reveal the secret of your beauty. These help to create the patters of dot circles. If you want to create simple polka dot design then these dotters are the best option.  You must buy one that has medium size round nib that will help you to make colorful circle upon your nail. When you do this type of art then you don%u2019t use too much pressure upon your nail otherwise dots will be deformed.  
  • Another most important tool is to know about nail strippers. These are nail polishes that come with a thin and long brush rather than a usual broad and flat one. These are highly versatile easy option for you if you want to add random flicks and painting lines of colors.
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Designing nails is not that much simple that it looks you really have to follow some things other than these tools so that you can décor your nails efficiently and easily!